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7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates – by Susan Neal

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We will not keep the steps a mystery; abbreviated, they are:

  1. decide to really do this thing
  2. get knowledge and support
  3. clean out that pantry/fridge/etc and put those things behind you
  4. buy in healthy foods while starving your candida
  5. plan for an official start date, so that everything is ready
  6. change the way you eat (prep methods, timings, etc)
  7. keep on finding small ways to improve, without turning back

Particularly important amongst those are starving the candida (the fungus in your gut that is responsible for a lot of carb cravings, especially sugar and alcohol—which latter can be broken down easily into sugar), and changing the “how” of eating as well as the “what”; those are both things that are often overlooked in a lot of guides, but this one delivers well.

Walking the reader by the hand through things like that is probably the book’s greatest strength.

In the category of subjective criticism, the author does go off-piste a little at the end, to take a moment while she has our attention to talk about other things.

For example, you may not need “Appendix 7: How to Become A Christian and Disciple of Jesus Christ”.

Of course if that calls to you, then by all means, follow your heart, but it certainly isn’t a necessary step of quitting sugar. Nevertheless, the diversion doesn’t detract from the good dietary change advice that she has just spent a book delivering.

Bottom line: there’s no deep science here, but there’s a lot of very good, very practical advice, that’s consistent with good science.

Click here to check out 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar, and watch your health improve!

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