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How to Stop Negative Thinking – by Daniel Paul

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Just think positive thoughts” is all well and good, but it doesn’t get much mileage in the real world, does it?

What Daniel Paul offers is a lot better than that. Taking a CBT approach, he recommends tips and tricks, gives explanations and exercises, and in short, puts tools in the reader’s toolbox.

But it doesn’t stop at just stopping negative thinking. Rather, it takes a holistic approach to also improve your general life…

  • Bookending your day with a good start and finish
  • Scheduling a time for any negative thinking that does need to occur (again with the useful realism!)
  • Inviting the reader to take on small challenges, of the kind that’ll have knock-on effects that add and multiply and compound as we go

The format is very easy-reading, and we love that there are clear section headings and chapter summaries, too.

Bottom line: definitely a book with the potential to improve your life from day one, and that’ll keep you coming back to it as a cheatsheet and references source.

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