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1 minute nutrition book review by Dr. P.K. Newby, expert in food and nutrition.

Food and Nutrition: What Everyone Needs to Know – by Dr. P.K. Newby

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The “What Everyone Needs To Know” part of the title is the name of a series of books, of which this one, “Food and Nutrition”, is one.

In this case, the title is apt, and/or could have been “What Everyone Really Should Know”, or “What Everyone Would Like To Think They Know But Have Often Just Been Bluffing Their Way Through The Supermarket Aisles”.

The chapter and section headings are all in the forms of questions, such that all-together in such volume in the table of contents, they’re reminiscent of the “Jonathan Frakes Asks You Things” meme.

But, this serves a dual purpose—for one, it makes the whole book one big FAQ, which is a very convenient format. Furthermore, it prompts a little thought on the part of the reader before each section, if we indeed question for ourselves:

  • Are fertilizers in farming friend or foe?
  • How have the Digital Revolution and Information Age impacted our diet?
  • Are canned and frozen foods inferior to fresh?
  • Does snacking or meal timing matter?
  • What are cereal grains and “pseudograins”?

…And so many more. But what’s best about this is:

Dr. Newby doesn’t reference her own preferences, or even have a particular way of eating she’d like us to adopt. She just lays out the science to answer each question, as discovered by high-quality studies and a general weight of evidence.

Bottom line: this book can level-up your nutritional knowledge from bluffing to really knowing! A worthy addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

Click here to check out Food and Nutrition on Amazon, to make the most informed decisions going forwards!

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