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1 minute body book review highlighting bodyweight exercises and fitness walking.

Fitness Walking and Bodyweight Exercises: Supercharge Your Fitness, Build Body Strength, and Live Longer – by Frank S. Ring

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A lot of exercise manuals assume that the reader has a “basic” body (nothing Olympian, but nothing damaged either). As we get older, increasingly few of us fall into the “but nothing damaged either” category!

Here’s where Ring brings to bear his decades of experience as a coach and educator, and also his personal recovery from a serious back injury.

The book covers direct, actionable exercise advice (with all manner of detail), and also offers mental health tips he’s learned along the way.

Ring, like us, is a big fan of keeping things simple, so he focusses on “the core four” of bodyweight exercises:

  1. Pushups
  2. Squats
  3. Lunges
  4. Planks

These four exercises get a whole chapter devoted to them, though! Because there are ways to make each exercise easier or harder, or have different benefits. For example, adjustments include:

  • Body angle
  • Points of contact
  • Speed
  • Pausing
  • Range of motion

This, in effect, makes a few square meters of floor (and perhaps a chair or bench) your fully-equipped gym.

As for walking? Ring enjoys and extols the health benefits, and/but also uses his walks a lot for assorted mental exercises, and recommends we try them too.

A fine book for anyone who wants to gain and/or maintain good health, but doesn’t pressingly want to join a gym or start pumping iron!

Pick up “Fitness Walking and Bodyweight Exercises: Supercharge Your Fitness, Build Body Strength, and Live Longer” on Amazon today!

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