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Change your brain, change your life - an insightful book review exploring the transformative power of altering neural pathways.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life – by Dr. Daniel G. Amen

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To what extent can we change our brains, and to what extent are we stuck with what we have?

Dr. Amen tells us that being mindful of both ends of this is critical:

  • Neuroplasticity means we can, indeed, change our brains
  • We do, however, have fundamental “brain types” based on our neurochemistry and physical brain structure

He argues for the use of brain imaging technology to learn more about the latter… In order to better go about doing what we can with the former.

The book looks at how these different brain types can lead to situations where what works as a treatment for one person can often not work for another. It’s also prescriptive, about what sorts of treatments (and lifestyle adjustments) are more likely to do better for each.

Where the book excels is in giving ideas and pointers for exploration… Things to take to one’s doctor, and—for example—request certain tests, and then what to do with those.

Where the book is a little light is on including hard science in the explanations. The hard science is referred to, but is considered beyond the scope of the book, or perhaps beyond the interest of the reader. That’s unfortunate, as we’d have liked to have seen more of it, rather than taking claims at face value without evidence.

Bottom line: this is distinctly “pop science” in presentation, but can give a lot of great ideas for learning more about our own brains and brain health… And then optimizing such.

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