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Somatic Exercises For Nervous System Regulation – by Rose Kilian

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We’ve written before about the vagus nerve, its importance, and how to make use of it, but it’s easy to let it slip from one’s mind when it comes to exercises. This book fixes that!

The promised 35 exercises are quite a range, and are organized into sections:

  • Revitalizing through breath
  • Stress and tension release
  • Spinal and postural health
  • Mindfulness and grounding
  • Movements for flexibility
  • Graceful balance and focus

While it’s not necessary to do all 35 exercises, it’s recommended to do at least some from each section, to “cover one’s bases”, and enjoy the best of all worlds.

The exercises are drawn from many sources, but tai chi and yoga are certainly the most well-represented. Others, meanwhile, are straight from physiotherapy or are things one might expect to be advised at a neurology consultation.

Bottom line: if you’d like to take better care of your vagus nerve, the better for it to take care of you, this book can certainly help with that.

Click here to check out Somatic Exercises For Nervous System Regulation, and take care of yourself!

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