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A drawing of a green bottle labeled "CBD Oil" with a pair of angry eyes on it. The bottle is surrounded by hemp leaves. To the right, the text "CBD OIL" is written. In the bottom right corner, there is an illustration of ten almonds with the text "10 almonds.


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Q&A with the 10almonds Team

Q: Very interested in this article on CBD oil in the states. hope you do another one in the future with more studies done on people and more information on what’s new as far as CBD oil goes

A: We’re glad you enjoyed it! We’ll be sure to revisit CBD in the future—partly because it was a very popular article, and partly because, as noted, there is a lot going on there, research-wise!

And yes, we prefer human studies rather than mouse/rat studies where possible, too, and try to include those where we find them. In some cases, non-human animal studies allow us to know things that we can’t know from human studies… because a research institution’s ethics board will greenlight things for mice that it’d never* greenlight for humans.

Especially: things that for non-human animals are considered “introduction of external stressors” while the same things done to humans would be unequivocally called “torture”.

Animal testing in general is of course a moral quagmire, precisely because of the suffering it causes for animals, while the research results (hopefully) can be brought to bear to reduce to suffering of humans. We’re a health and productivity newsletter, not a philosophical publication, but all this to say: we’re mindful of such too.

And yes, we agree, when studies are available on humans, they’re always going to be better than the same study done on mice and rats.

As a topical aside, did you know there’s a monument to laboratory mice and all they’ve (however unintentionally) done for us?

❝The quirky statue depicts an anthropomorphic mouse as an elderly woman, complete with glasses balanced atop its nose. Emerging from two knitting needles in its hands is the recognizable double-helix of a strand of DNA.❞

~ Smithsonian Magazine

See The Statue For Yourself Here!

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