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Peak performance lessons from a brain surgeon book review.

Life Lessons From A Brain Surgeon: Practical Strategies for Peak Health and Performance – by Dr. Rahul Jandial

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In the category of surgeons with a “what to put on your table to stay off mine” angle, this book packs an extra punch. As well as being an experienced brain surgeon, Dr. Jandial also does a lot of cutting edge lab research too. What does this mean for us?

This book gives, as the subtitle promises, “practical strategies for peak health and performance”—with a brain-centric bias, of course.

From diet and nootropic supplements, to exercise and brain-training, we get a good science-based view of which ones actually work, and which don’t. The style is also very readable; Dr. Jandial is a great educator, presenting genuine scientific content with very accessible language.

Bottom line: if you’d indeed like to look after your most important organ optimally, this book gives a lot of key pointers, without unnecessary fluff.

Click here to check out Life Lessons From A Brain Surgeon, and may your gray matter never see the light of day!

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