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Total Fitness After 40 is a book written by Nick Swettenham that offers an in-depth review on achieving total fitness beyond the age of 40.

Total Fitness After 40 – by Nick Swettenham

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Time may march relentlessly on, but can we retain our youthful good health?

The answer is that we can… to a degree. And where we can’t, we can and should adapt what we do as we age.

The key, as Swettenham illustrates, is that there are lifestyle factors that will help us to age more slowly, thus retaining our youthful good health for longer. At the same time, there are factors of which we must simply be mindful, and take care of ourselves a little differently now than perhaps we did when we were younger. Here, Swettenham acts guide and instructor.

A limitation of the book is that it was written with the assumption that the reader is a man. This does mean that anything relating to hormones is assuming that we have less testosterone as we’re getting older and would like to have more, which is obviously not the case for everyone. However, happily, the actual advice remains applicable regardless.

Swettenham covers the full spread of what he believes everyone should take into account as we age:

  • Mindset changes (accepting that physical changes are happening, without throwing our hands in the air and giving up)
  • Focus on important aspects such as:
    • strength
    • flexibility
    • mobility
    • agility
    • endurance
  • Some attention is also given to diet—nothing you won’t have read elsewhere, but it’s a worthy mention.

All in all, this is a fine book if you’re thinking of taking up or maintaining an exercise routine that doesn’t stick its head in the sand about your aging body, but doesn’t just roll over and give up either. A worthy addition to anyone’s bookshelf!

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Looking for a more women-centric equivalent book? Vonda Wright M.D. has you covered (and her bio is very impressive)!

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