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13 Things Mentally Strong Couples Don’t Do – by Dr. Amy Morin

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The saying “happy wife; happy life” indeed goes regardless of gender. One can have every other happiness, but if there’s relational trouble, it brings everything else down.

This book is not intended, however, only for people whose relationships are one couple’s therapy session away from divorce. Rather, it’s intended as a preventative. Because, in this as in every other aspect of health, prevention is better than cure!

It is the sign of a strong couple to be proactive about the health of the relationship, and work together to build and reinforce things along the way.

The style of this book is very accessible pop-science, but the author speaks from a strong professional background in social work, psychology, and psychotherapy, and it shows.

Bottom line: if you’d like to strengthen your relationship skills, this book gives 13 great ways to do that.

Click here to check out 13 Things Mentally Strong Couples Don’t Do, and strengthen your relationship(s)!

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