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The Fiber Fueled Cookbook: Inspiring Plant-Based Recipes to Turbocharge Your Health – by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

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We’ve previously reviewed Dr. Bulsiewicz’s book “Fiber Fuelled” (which is great), but this one is more than just a cookbook with the previous book in mind. Indeed, this is even a great stand-alone book by itself, since it explains the core principles well enough already, and then adds to it.

It’s also about a lot more than just “please eat more fiber”, though. It looks at FODMAPs, purine, histamine intolerance, celiac disease, altered gallbladder function, acid reflux, and more.

He offers a five-part strategy:

Genesis (what is the etiology of your problem)

  1. Restrict (cut things out to address that first)
  2. Observe (keep a food/symptom diary)
  3. Work things back in (re-add potential triggers one by one, see how it goes)
  4. Train your gut (your microbiome does not exist in a vacuum, and communication is two-way)
  5. Holistic healing (beyond the gut itself, looking at other relevant factors and aiming for synergistic support)

As for the recipes themselves, there are more than a hundred of them and they are good, so no more “how can I possibly cook [favorite dish] without [removed ingredient]?”

Bottom line: if you’d like better gut health, this book is a top-tier option for fixing existing complaints, and enjoying plain-sailing henceforth.

Click here to check out The Fiber Fueled Cookbook; your gut will thank you later!

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