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Winter Wellness 1 Minute Book Review: Discover nourishing recipes from Rachel de Thample.

Winter Wellness: Nourishing recipes to keep you healthy when it’s cold – by Rachel de Thample

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Winter is often the season of comfort foods and, in much of the Western world, there’s a holiday season slide of forgotten diets and instead sugar, alcohol, pastry, and the like.

What de Thample does here is an antidote to all that, without sacrificing happiness and celebration.

Before the recipes get started, she has a chapter on “food as medicine“, and to our immense surprise, proceeds to detail, accurately, many categories such as

  • Foods for immune health
  • Foods against inflammation
  • Foods for gut health
  • Foods against aging
  • Foods for energy levels
  • Foods against anxiety
  • Foods for hormonal balance

…and so forth, with lists of ingredients that fit into each category.

Then in the rest of the book, she lays out beautiful recipes for wonderful dishes (and drinks) that use those ingredients, without unhealthy additions.

The recipes are, by the way, what could best be categorized as “fancy”. However, they are fancy in the sense that they will be impressive for entertaining, and (again, to our great surprise) they don’t actually call for particularly expensive/rare ingredients, nor for arcane methods and special equipment.Instead, everything’s astonishingly accessible to put together and easy to execute.

Bottom line: if you’d like to indulge this winter, but would like to do so healthily, this is an excellent way to do so.

Click here to check out Winter Wellness, and level-up your seasonal health and happiness!

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