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The Twenty-Four Hour Mind: A Dreaming and Sleep 1-Minute Book Review.

The Twenty-Four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives – by Dr. Rosalind Cartwright

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We’ve reviewed books about sleep before, and even about dreaming, so what does this one have to offer that’s new?

Quite a lot, actually! Before Dr. Cartwright, there were mainly two models of sleep and dreaming:

  • The “top-down” model of psychoanalysts: our minds shape our dreams which in turn reveal things about us as people
  • The “bottom-up” model of neuroscientists: our brains need to go through regular maintaince cycles, of which vivid hallucinations are a quirky side-effect.

And now, as Dr. Cartwright puts it:

❝I will lay out a new [horizontal] psychological model of the twenty-four hour mind; that is, how the predominantly conscious (waking) and unconscious (sleeping) forms of mental behavior interact through the brain’s regular, but differently organized, states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming.❞

This she does in the exploratory style of a 224-page lecture, which sounds like it might be tedious, but is actually attention-grabbing and engaging throughout. This book is more of a page-turner than soporific bedtime reading!

Bottom line: if you’d like to know more about the effect your waking and sleeping brain have on each other (to include getting in between those and making adjutments as appropriate), this is very much an elucidating read!

Click here to check out The Twenty-Four Hour Mind, and learn more about yours!

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