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A dog bone with osteoporosis exercises written on it.

Osteoporosis Exercises

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❝Any idea about the latest research on the most effective exercises for osteoporosis?❞

While there isn’t much new of late in this regard, there is plenty of research!

First, what you might want to avoid:

  • Sit-ups, and other exercises with a lot of repeated spinal flexion
  • Running, and other high-impact exercises
  • Skiing, horse-riding, and other activities with a high risk of falling
  • Golf and tennis (both disproportionately likely to result in injuries to wrists, elbows, and knees)

Next, what you might want to bear in mind:

While in principle resistance training is good for building strong bones, good form becomes all the more important if you have osteoporosis, so consider working with a trainer if you’re not 100% certain you know what you’re doing:

Strong, steady and straight: UK consensus statement on physical activity and exercise for osteoporosis

Some of the best exercises for osteoporosis are isometric exercises:

5 Isometric Exercises for Osteoporosis (with textual explanations and illustrative GIFs)

You might also like this bone-strengthening exercise routine from corrective exercise specialist Kendra Fitzgerald:


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