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The image shows a yellow book cover titled "The Simple Six" by Clinton Dobbins with black silhouettes of people exercising on the left. To the right, the text reads "1-Minute Book Review" with an illustration of ten almonds in the bottom right corner—a perfect guide to help you stay in shape.

The Simple Six: The Easy Way to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape for the Rest of your Life – by Clinton Dobbins

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We at 10almonds don’t believe in keeping things a mystery, so…

“The Simple Six” are:

  1. the squat
  2. the goblet squat
  3. the hinge
  4. the kettlebell swing
  5. the push
  6. the push-up
  7. the kettle-bell press
  8. the pull
  9. the chin-up
  10. the gait, and
  11. walking.

Ok, we’re being a little glib here because to be fair, those are chunked into six groups, but the point is: don’t let the title fool you into thinking the book could have been an article; there’s plenty of valuable content here.

That said, it is a short book (64 pages), but with an average of 10 pages per exercise type, it’s a lot more than for example we could ever put into our newsletter.

Bottom line: we know that 10almonds readers like simple, clear, evidence-based, to-the-point health information, and that’s what this book is, so we do recommend it.

Click here to check out The Simple Six, and streamline your workouts!

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