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In this 1 minute reset diet book review, discover the efficacy of the Metabolism Reset Diet for repairing liver health and achieving natural weight loss.

The Metabolism Reset Diet: Repair Your Liver, Stop Storing Fat, and Lose Weight Naturally – by Alan Christianson

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The liver is an incredible organ that does a very important job, but what’s not generally talked about is how we can help it… Beyond the obvious “try to not poison it too much with alcohol, tobacco, etc”. But what can we do that’s actually positive for it?

That’s what Alan Christianson offers in this book.

Now, usually when someone speaks of a “four week cleanse” as this book advertises on its front cover, it’s a lot of bunk. The liver cleanses itself, and the liver and kidneys between them (along with some other organs and processes) detoxify your body for you. No amount of celery juice will do that. However, this book does better than that:

What it’s about, is not really about trying to do a “detox” at all, so much as supporting your liver function by:

  • Giving your liver what it needs to regenerate (mostly: protein)
  • Not over-taxing your liver while it does so

The liver is a self-regenerating organ (the mythological story of Prometheus aside, here in real life it can regenerate up to 80% of itself, given the opportunity), so whatever the current state of your liver, it’s probably not too late to fix it.

Maybe you’ve been drinking a little too much, or maybe you’ve been taking some meds that have hobbled it a bit (some medications strain the liver rather), or maybe your diet hasn’t been great. Christianson invites you to draw a line under that, and move forwards:

The book gives an overview of the science involved, and explains about the liver’s role in metabolism (hence the promised weight loss benefits) and our dietary habits’ impact on liver function. This is about what we eat, and also about when we eat it, and how and when our body metabolizes that.

Christianson also provides meal ideas and recipes. If we’re honest (and we always are), the science/principles part of the book are worth a lot more than the meal-plan part of the book, though.

In short: a great book for understanding how the liver works and how we can help it do its job effectively.

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