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The End of Alzheimer’s – by Dr. Dale Bredesen

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This one didn’t use the “The New Science Of…” subtitle that many books do, and this one actually is a “new science of”!

Which is exciting, and/but comes with the caveat that the overall protocol itself is still undergoing testing, but the results so far are promising. The constituent parts of the protocol are for the most already well-established, but have not previously been put together in this way.

Dr. Bredesen argues that Alzheimer’s Disease is not one condition but three (medical consensus agrees at least that it is a collection of conditions, but different schools of thought slice them differently), and outlines 36 metabolic factors that are implicated, and the good news is, most of them are within our control.

Since there’s a lot to put together, he also offers many workarounds and “crutches”, making for very practical advice.

The style of the book is on the hard end of pop-science, that is to say while the feel and tone is very pop-sciencey, there are nevertheless a lot of words that you might know but your spellchecker probably wouldn’t. He does explain everything along the way, but this does mean that if you’re not already well-versed, you can’t just dip in to a later point without reading the earlier parts.

Bottom line: even if you only implement half the advice in this book, you’ll be doing your long-term cognitive health a huge favor.

Click here to check out The End of Alzheimer’s, and keep cognitive decline at bay!

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