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A book titled "The Brain Health Kitchen: Preventing Alzheimer's Through Food" by Dr. Annie Fenn is shown. The cover features a salad with salmon. Text on the right reads "1-Minute Book Review" alongside a logo with "10 almonds.

The Brain Health Kitchen: Preventing Alzheimer’s Through Food – by Dr. Annie Fenn

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This is a cookbook built around the MIND diet, which we talked about in our “Four Ways To Upgrade The Mediterranean Diet” article.

As such, it’s a top-tier gold-standard diet to be following for brain health, and having it as a book of recipes makes actually eating this way a lot easier!

The book does talk about the science first before getting to the recipes, so don’t worry, you won’t have to reverse engineer the dietary guidelines from the recipes; everything is explained well.

The recipes (of which there are 100) are diverse enough to be interesting without being so complicated as to be difficult. The ingredients are largely nutritional powerhouses, and most if not all can be found in your nearest reasonable-sized supermarket. Also, the recipes are (as you might reasonably expect), very plant-forward, but not entirely plant-based (as you might have guessed from the salmon on the front cover).

Bottom line: if you’d like to eat more healthily for your brain, but are a little stumped on what to do with the four ingredients you remember are brain-healthy, this book will help expand your horizons—not to mention your culinary repertoire!

Click here to check out The Brain Health Kitchen: Preventing Alzheimer’s Through Food, and look after your brain!

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