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The 1 - minute Borderline Personality Disorder workbook review by Dr. Daniel Fox.

The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook: An Integrative Program to Understand and Manage Your BPD – by Dr. Daniel Fox

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Personality disorders in general get a bad rep. In part, because their names and descriptions often focus on how the disorders affect other people, rather than how they affect the actual sufferer:

  • “This disorder gives you cripplingly low self-esteem; we call it Evil Not-Quite-Human Disorder”
  • “This disorder makes you feel unloveable; we call it Abusive Bitch Disorder”
  • …etc

Putting aside the labels and stigma, it turns out that humans sometimes benefit from help. In the case of BPD, characterized by such things as difficult moods and self-sabotage, the advice in this book can help anyone struggling with those (and related) issues.

The style of the book is both textbook, and course. It’s useful to proceed through it methodically, and doing the exercises is good too. We recommend getting the print edition, not the Kindle edition, so that you can check off boxes, write in it (pencil, if you like!), etc.

Bottom line: if you or a loved one suffers from BPD symptoms (whether or not you/they would meet criteria for diagnosis), this book can help a lot.

Click here to check out the BPD Workbook, and retake control of your life!

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