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Slowing the Progression of Cataracts

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Understanding Cataracts

Cataracts are natural and impact everyone.

That’s a bit of a daunting opening line, but as Dr. Michele Lee, a board-certified ophthalmologist, explains, cataracts naturally develop with age, and can be accelerated by factors such as trauma, certain medications, and specific eye conditions.

We know how important your vision is to you (we’ve had great feedback about the book Vision for Life) as well as our articles on how glasses impact your eyesight and the effects of using eye drops.

While complete prevention isn’t possible, steps such as those mentioned below can be taken to slow their progression.

Here is an overview of the video’s first 3 takeaways. You can watch the whole video below.

Protect Your Eyes from Sunlight

Simply put, UV light damages lens proteins, which (significantly) contributes to cataracts. Wearing sunglasses can supposedly prevent up to 20% of cataracts caused by UV exposure.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

We all, at some level, know that alcohol consumption doesn’t do us any good. Your eye health isn’t an exception to the rule; alcohol has been shown to contribute to cataract development.

If you’re looking at reducing your alcohol use, try reading this guide on lowering, or eradicating, alcohol consumption.

Avoid Smoking

Smokers are 2-3 times more likely to develop cataracts. Additionally, ensure good ventilation while cooking to avoid exposure to harmful indoor smoke.

See all 5 steps in the below video:

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