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Optimal Black Pepper Dosage and Supplement

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❝I may have missed it, but how much black pepper provides benefits?❞

So, for any new subscribers joining us today, this is about two recent main features:

As for a daily dosage of black pepper, it varies depending on the benefit you’re looking for, but:

  • 5–20mg of piperine is the dosage range used in most scientific studies we looked at
  • 10mg is a very common dosage found in many popular supplements
  • That’s the mass of piperine though, so if taking it as actual black pepper rather than as an extract, ½ teaspoon is considered sufficient to enjoy benefits.

❝I loved the health benefits of pepper. I do not like pepper. Where can I get it as a supplement?❞

You can simply buy whole black peppercorns and take a few with water as though they were tablets. Your stomach acid will do the rest. Black pepper is also good for digestion, so taking it with a meal is best.

You can buy piperine (black pepper extract) by itself as a supplement in powder form, but if you don’t like black pepper, you will probably not like this powder either. We couldn’t find it readily in capsule form.

You can buy piperine (black pepper extract) as an adjunct to other supplements, with perhaps the most common/popular being turmeric capsules that also contain 10mg (or more) piperine per capsule. Shop around if you like, but here’s one that has 15mg piperine* per capsule, for example.

*They call it “Bioperine®” but that is literally just piperine. Same go

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