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Kimchi versus kombucha powder: a comparison of healthier fermented food products.

Kombucha vs Kimchi – Which is Healthier

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Our Verdict

When comparing kombucha to kimchi, we picked the kombucha.


While both are very respectable gut-healthy fermented products,
•⁠ ⁠the kombucha contains fermented tea, a little apple cider vinegar, and a little fiber
•⁠ ⁠the kimchi contains (after the vegetables) 810 mg sodium in that little tin, and despite the vegetables, no fiber.

You may reasonably be surprised that they managed to take something that is made of mostly vegetables and ended up with no fiber without juicing it, but they did. Fermented vegetables are great for the healthy bacteria benefits (and are tasty too!), but the osmotic pressure due to the salt destroys the cell walls and thus the fiber.

Thus, we chose the kombucha that does the same job without delivering all that salt.

However! If you are comparing kombucha and kimchi out in the wilds of your local supermarket, do still check individual labels. It’s not uncommon, for example, for stores to sell pre-made kombucha that’s loaded with sugar.

About sugar and kombucha…

Sugar is required to make kombucha, to feed the yeast and helpful bacteria. However, there should be none of that sugar left (or only the tiniest trace amount) in the final product, because the yeast (and friends) consumed and metabolized it.

What some store brands do, however, is add in sugar afterwards, as they believe it improves the taste. This writer cannot imagine how, but that is their rationale in any case. Needless to say, it is not a healthy addition, and specifically, it’s bad for your gut, which (healthwise) is the whole point of drinking kombucha in the first place.

Want some? Here is an example product on Amazon, but feel free to shop around as there are many flavors available!

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