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Book Review: "1 Minute Therapy: Boost Your Mood and Reduce Anxiety

How to Be Your Own Therapist: Boost your mood and reduce your anxiety in 10 minutes a day – by Owen O’Kane

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Finding the right therapist can be hard. Sometimes, even just accessing a therapist, any therapist, can be hard, if circumstances are adverse. Sometimes we’d like therapy, but want to feel “better prepared for it” before we do.

Owen O’Kane, a highly qualified and well-respected psychotherapist, wants to put some tools in our hands. The premise of this book is that “in 10 minutes a day” one can give oneself an amount of therapy that will be beneficial.

Naturally, in 10 minutes a day, this isn’t going to be the kind of therapy that will work through major traumas, so what can it do?

Those 10 minutes are spread into three sessions:

  • 4 minutes in the morning
  • 3 minutes in the afternoon
  • 3 minutes in the evening

The idea is:

  • To do a quick mental health “check-in” before the day gets started, ascertain what one needs in that context, and make a simple plan to get/have it.
  • To keep one’s mental health on track by taking a little pause to reassess and adjust if necessary
  • To reflect on the day, amplify the positive, and let go of the negative to what extent is practical, in order to rest well ready for the next day

Where O’Kane excels is in explaining how to do those things in a way that is neither overly simplistic and wishy-washy, nor so arcane and convoluted as to create more work and render the day more difficult.

In short, this book is a great prelude to (or adjunct to) formal therapy, and for those for whom therapy isn’t accessible and/or desired, a great way to keep oneself on a mentally healthy track.

Click here to check out “How To Be Your Own Therapist” on Amazon today, and take appropriate care of yourself!

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