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The image shows the cover of a book titled "Aging Backwards" by Miranda White, which is a New York Times bestseller, with claims of reversing the aging process and looking up to

Aging Backwards – by Miranda Esmonde-White

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In this book, there’s an upside and a downside to the author’s professional background:

  • Upside: Miranda Esmonde-White is a ballet-dancer-turned-physical-trainer, and it shows
  • Downside: Miranda Esmonde-White is not a scientist, and it shows

She cites a lot of science, but she either does not understand it or else intentionally misrepresents it. We will assume the former. But as one example, she claims:

“for every minute you exercise, you lengthen your life by 7 minutes”

…which cheat code to immortality is absolutely not backed-up by the paper she cites for it. The paper, like most papers, was much more measured in its proclamations; “there was an association” and “with these conditions”, etc.

Nevertheless, while she misunderstands lots of science along the way, her actual advice is good and sound. Her workout programs really will help people to become younger by various (important, life-changing!) metrics of biological age, mostly pertaining to mobility.

And yes, this is a workout-based approach; we won’t read much about diet and other lifestyle factors here.

Bottom line: it has its flaws, but nevertheless delivers on its premise of helping the reader to become biologically younger through exercises, mostly mobility drills.

Click here to check out Aging Backwards, and age backwards!

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