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1 Minute Book Review: "Healthy Eating: 7 Principles" by the Imperfect Nutritionist.

The Imperfect Nutritionist—7 Principles Of Healthy Eating – by Jennifer Medhurst

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The idea of the “imperfect nutritionist” is to note that we’re all different with slightly different needs and sometimes very different preferences (or circumstances!) and having a truly perfect diet is probably a fool’s errand. Should we just give up, then? Not at all:

What we can do, Medhust argues, is find what’s best for us, realistically.

It’s better to have an 80% perfect diet 80% of the time, than to have a totally perfect diet for four and a half meals before running out of steam (and ingredients).

As for the “seven principles” mentioned in the title… we’re not going to keep those a mystery; they are:

  1. Focusing on wholefood
  2. Being diverse
  3. Knowing your fats
  4. Including fermented, prebiotic and probiotic foods
  5. Reducing refined carbohydrates
  6. Being aware of liquids
  7. Eating mindfully

The first part of the book is a treatise on how to implement those principles in your diet generally; the second part of the book is a recipe collection—70 recipes, with “these ingredients will almost certainly be available at your local supermarket” as a baseline. No instances of “the secret to being a good chef is knowing how to source fresh ingredients; ask your local greengrocer where to find spring-harvested perambulatory truffle-cones” here!

Basically, it focusses on adding healthy foods per your personal preferences and circumstances, and building these up into a repertoire of meals that will keep you and your family happy and healthy.

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