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Get ready for a thought-provoking 1-minute book review on the power of food. Discover how nutritious recipes can enhance your memory power and unlock new possibilities for a healthier life.

Food for Thought: 50 Nutritious Recipes to Boost Your Memory Power – by Lorraine Perretta

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What are “brain foods”? If you think for a moment, you can probably list a few. What this book does is better.

As well as providing the promised 50 recipes (which themselves are varied, good, and easy), Perretta explains the science of very many brain-healthy ingredients. Not just that, but also the science of a lot of brain-unhealthy ingredients. In the latter case, probably things you already knew to stay away from, but still, it’s a good reminder of one more reason why.

Nor does she merely sort things into brain-healthy (or brain-unhealthy, or brain-neutral), but rather she gives lists of “this for memory” and “this against depression” and “this for cognition” and “this against stress” and so forth.

Perhaps the greatest value of this book is in that; her clear explanations with science that’s simplified but not dumbed down. The recipes are definitely great too, though!

Bottom line: if you’d like to eat more for brain health, this book will give you many ways of doing so

Click here to check out Food for Thought, and upgrade your recipes!

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