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Fitness Freedom for Seniors – by Jackie Jacobs

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Exercise books often assume that either we are training for the Olympics, and most likely also that we are 20 years old. This one doesn’t.

Instead, we see a well-researched, well-organized, clearly-illustrated fitness plan with age in mind. Author Jackie Jacobs offers tips and advice for all levels, and a progressive week-by-week plan of 15-minute sessions. This way, we’re neither overdoing it nor slacking off; it’s a perfect balance.

The exercises are aimed at “all areas”, that is to say, improving cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility, and strength. It also gives some supplementary advice with regard to diet and suchlike, but the workouts are the real meat of the book.

Bottom line: if you’d like a robust, science-based exercise regime that’s tailored to seniors, this is the book for you.

Click here to check out Fitness Freedom for Seniors, and get yours!

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