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"Women Rowing North" is a remarkable book that beautifully captures the essence of navigating life's currents. This 1-minute book review delves into how this empowering read highlights the process of

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age – by Dr. Mary Pipher

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Ageism is rife, as is misogyny. And those can be internalized too, and compounded as they intersect.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Pipher, herself 75, writes for us a guidebook of, as the subtitle goes, “navigating life’s currents and flourishing as we age”.

The book does assume, by the way, that the reader is…

  • a woman, and
  • getting old (if not already old)

However, the lessons the book imparts are vital for women of any age, and valuable as a matter of insight and perspective for any reader.

Dr. Pipher takes us on a tour of aging as a woman, and what parts of it we can make our own, do things our way, and take what joy we can from it.

Nor is the book given to “toxic positivity” though—it also deals with themes of hardship, frustration, and loss.

When it comes to those elements, the book is… honest, human, and raw. But also, an exhortation to hope, beauty, and a carpe diem attitude.

Bottom line: this book is highly recommendable to anyone of any age; life is precious and can be short. And be we blessed with many long years, this book serves as a guide to making each one of them count.

Click here to check out Women Rowing North—it really is worth it

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