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Quick 1 minute water bath book review.

Water Bath + Pressure Canning & Preserving Cookbook for Beginners – by Sarah Roslin

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Whether you want to be prepared for the next major crisis that shuts down food supply chains, or just learn a new skill, this book provides the tools!

Especially beneficial if you also grow your own vegetables, but even you just buy those… Home-canned food is healthy, contains fewer additives and preservatives, and costs less in the long run.

Roslin teaches an array of methods, including most importantly:

  1. fermentation and pickling
  2. water bath canning, and
  3. pressure canning.

As for what’s inside? She covers not just vegetables, but also fruit, seafood, meat… Basically, anything that can be canned.

The book explains the tools and equipment you will need as well as how to perform it safely—as well as common mistakes to avoid!

Lest we be intimidated by the task of acquiring appropriate equipment, she also walks us through what we’ll need in that regard too!

Last but not least, there’s also a (sizeable) collection of simple, step-by-step recipes, catering to a wide variety of tastes.

Bottom line: a highly valuable resource that we recommend heartily.

Get your copy of “Water Bath + Pressure Canning & Preserving Cookbook for Beginners” from Amazon today!

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