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In this 1 minute book review, we delve into "Make Time" by John Zeratzky and Jake Knapp.

Make Time – by Jake Knapp and John Zeratzky

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We live in an information-saturated world, and we have done for so long now that it’s easy to forget: we did not evolve for this!

It’s easy to say “unplug”, but the reality is:

We also have to actually function in this fast-paced info-dense world whether we want to or not, and we are expected to be able to handle it.

So… How?

Appropriately enough, authors Knapp and Zeratsky present the answer in a skimmer-friendly fashion, with summaries and bullet points and diagrams and emboldened text forease of speed-reading. Who uses such tricks?!

In short, less living life in “default mode scramble” and more about making an impact in the ways you actually want to, for you.

We Recommend You Make Time For This Book Today!

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