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Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life – by Dr. Ashley Whillans

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First, what this is not: it’s not a productivity book.

What is rather: a book of better wellbeing.

There is a little overlap, insofar as getting “time smart” in the ways that Dr. Whillans recommends will give you more ability to also be more productive—if that’s what you want.

She talks us through time traps and the “time poverty epidemic”, as well as steps to finding time and funding time. Perhaps most critical idea-wise is the chapter on building a “time-affluence habit”, making decisions that prioritize your time-freedom where you can—which in turn will allow you to build yet more. Kind of like compound interest really, but for time.

The writing style is a conversational tone, but peppered with bullet-point lists and charts and the like from time to time, and often with citations to back up claims. It makes for a very readable book, and yet one that’s also inspiring of the confidence that it’s more than just one person’s opinion.

Bottom line: if you sometimes feel like you could do everything you want to if you could just find the time, this book can help you get there.

Click here to check out Time Smart, and live your most satisfying life!

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