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A book review of the book 'Thinking Beyond Fifty', exploring topics related to mobility and thriving beyond fifty. The review delves into the author's insights on how individuals can maintain their quality of

Thriving Beyond Fifty – by Will Harlow

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We’ve featured this author sometimes in our video section; he’s an over-50s specialist physiotherapist with a lot of very functional advice to offer.

In this book, Harlow focusses heavily on three things: mobility, strength, endurance.

You may not want to be a gymnast, powerlifter, or marathon-runner, but these things are important for us all to maintain to at least a fair degree:

  • Mobility can be the difference between tweaking one’s shoulder getting something from a high shelf, or not
  • Strength can be the difference between being able to get back up, or not
  • Endurance can be the difference between coming back from a long day on your feet and thinking “that was a good day; I’m looking forward to tomorrow now”, or not

One of the greatest strengths of this book is its comprehensive troubleshooting aspect; if you have a weak spot, chances are this book has the remedy.

As for the style, it’s quite casual/conversational in tone, but without skimping on science and detail. It’s clear, explanatory, and helpful throughout.

Bottom line: if you’d like to maintain/improve mobility, strength, and endurance, then this book is a very recommendable resource.

Click here to check out Thriving Beyond Fifty, and keep thriving at every age!

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