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This is a quick 1-minute book review on "Vitamin Solution" for individuals seeking advice from doctors regarding vitamins.

The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health – by Dr. Romy Block & Dr. Arielle Levitan

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A quick note: it would be remiss of us not to mention that the authors of this book are also the founders of a vitamin company, thus presenting a potential conflict of interest.

That said… In this reviewer’s opinion, the book does seem balanced and objective, regardless.

We talk a lot about supplements here at 10almonds, especially in our Monday Research Review editions. And yesterday, we featured a book by a doctor who hates supplements. Today, we feature a book by two doctors who have made them their business.

The authors cover all the most common vitamins and minerals popularly enjoyed as supplements, and examine:

  • why people take them
  • factors affecting whether they help
  • problems that can arise
  • complicating factors

The “complicating factors” include, for example, the way many vitamins and/or minerals interplay with each other, either by requiring the presence of another, or else competing for resources for absorption, or needing to be delicately balanced on pain of diverse woes.

This is the greatest value of the book, perhaps; it’s where most people go wrong with supplementation, if they go wrong.

While both authors are medical doctors, Dr. Romy Block is an endocrinologist specifically, and she clearly brought a lot of extra attention to relevant metabolic/thyroid issues, and how vitamins and minerals (such as thiamin and iron) can improve or sabotage such, depending on various factors that she explains. Informative, and so far as this reviewer could see, objective and well-balanced.

Bottom line: supplementation is a vast and complex topic, but this book does a fine job of demystifying and simplifying it in a clear and objective fashion, without resorting to either scaremongering or hype.

Click here to check out The Vitamin Solution, and upgrade your knowledge!

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