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This 1 minute book review focuses on the work of Dr. Stephen Law and his book "Philosophy Gym.

The Philosophy Gym – by Dr. Stephen Law

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If you’d like to give those “little gray cells” an extra workout, this book is a great starting place.

Dr. Stephen Law is Director of Philosophy at the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford. As such, he’s no stranger to providing education that’s both attainable and yet challenging. Here, he lays out important philosophical questions, and challenges the reader to get to grips with them in a systematic fashion.

Each of the 25 questions/problems has a chapter devoted to it, and is ranked:

  • Warm-up
  • Moderate
  • More Challenging

But, he doesn’t leave us to our own devices, nor does he do like a caricature of a philosopher and ask us endless rhetorical questions. Instead, he looks at various approaches taken by other philosophers over time, and invites the reader to try out those methods.

The real gain of this book is not the mere enjoyment of reading, but rather in taking those thinking skills and applying them in life… because most if not all of them do have real-world applications and/or implications too.

The book’s strongest point? That it doesn’t assume prior knowledge (and yet also doesn’t patronize the reader). Philosophy can be difficult to dip one’s toes into without a guide, because philosophers writing about philosophy can at first be like finding yourself at a party where you know nobody, but they all know each other.

In contrast, Law excels at giving quick, to-the-point ground-up summaries of key ideas and their progenitors.

In short: a wonderful way to get your brain doing things it might not have tried before!

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