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In this 1 minute book review, join me as I dive into the groundbreaking research by Dr. David Sinclair on increasing lifespan and defying age.

Lifespan: Why We Age—And Why We Don’t Have To – by Dr. David Sinclair

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Some books on longevity are science-heavy and heavy-going; others are glorified manifestos with much philosophy but little practical.

This one’s a sciencey-book written for a lay reader. It’s heavily referenced, but not a challenging read.

This book is divided into three parts:

  1. What we know (the past)
  2. What we’re learning (the present)
  3. Where we’re going (the future)

Let us quickly mention: the last part is principally sociology and economics, which are not the author’s wheelhouse. Some readers may enjoy his thoughts regardless, but we’re going to concentrate on where we found the real value of the book to be: in the first and second parts, where he brings his expertise to bear.

The first part lays the foundational knowledge that’s critical for understanding why the second part is so important.

Basically: aging is a genetic disease, and diseases can be cured. No disease has magical properties, even if sometimes it can seem for a while like they do, until we understand them better.

The second part covers a lot of recent and contemporary research into aging. We learn about such things as NAD-agonists that make elderly mice biologically young again, and the Greenland shark that easily lives for 500 years or so (currently the record-holder for vertebrates). And of course, biologically immortal jellyfish.

It’s not all animal studies though…

We learn of how NAD-agonists such as NMN have been promising in human studies too, along with resveratrol and the humble diabetes drug, metformin. These things alone may have the power to extend healthy life by 20%

Other recommendations pertain to lifestyle; the usual five things (diet, exercise, sleep, no alcohol, no smoking), as well as intermittent fasting and cryotherapy (cold showers/baths).

Bottom line: this book is informative and inspiring, and if you’ve been looking for an “in” to understanding the world of biogerontology and/or anti-aging research, this is it.

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