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Missing Minute Links Book Review by Drs. Phillip Meade & Laura Gallagher, focusing on SEO keywords.

The Missing Links – by Drs Phillip Meade & Laura Gallagher

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This book looks at what goes wrong in projects, why it goes wrong, and how to fill in those “missing links” so that we don’t make the same mistakes that failed projects before us have made.

Using the Columbia crash (and NASA’s subsequent investigation and organizational overhaul) as an example, Drs Meade and Gallagher take us through the steps to apply NASA’s resultant model to our own projects.

The book is aimed squarely at business management, but the lessons within are applicable to any kind of project management, whether the project in question is a Fortune 500 merger or a new patio.

Bottom line is as per the blurb: “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to apply this model to your organization to create a culture of accountability, inclusivity, and productivity.”

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