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Beginners interested in calisthenics can find a concise and informative 1 minute book review by Matt Schifferle.

Calisthenics for Beginners – by Matt Schifferle

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For those who are curious to take up calisthenics, for its famed benefit to many kinds of health, this is a great starter-book.

First, what kind of benefits can we expect? Lots, but most critically:

  • Greater mobility (as a wide range of movements is practiced, some of them stretchy)
  • Cardiovascular fitness (calisthenics can be performed as a form of High Intensity Impact Training, HIIT)
  • Improved muscle-tone (because these are bodyweight strength-training exercises—have you seen a gymnast’s body?)
  • Denser bones (strong muscles can’t be built on weak bones, so the body compensates by strengthening them)

A lot of the other benefits stem from those, ranging from reduced risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc, to improved mood, more energy, better sleep, and generally all things that come with a decent, rounded, exercise regime.

Schifferle explains not just the exercises, but also the principles, so that we understand what we’re doing and why. Understanding improves motivation, adherence, and—often—form. Exercise diagrams are clear, and have active muscle-groups highlighted and color-coded for extra clarity.

As well as explaining exercises individually, he includes three programs, increasing in intensity. He also offers adjustments to make exercises easier or more challenging, depending on the current condition of your body.

The book’s not without its limitations—it may be a little male-centric for some readers, for instance—but all in all, it’s a very strong introduction to calisthenics… Enough to get anyone up and running, so to speak!

Get started with “Calisthenics for Beginners” from Amazon today!

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