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Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work And Your Life – by Scott G. Halford

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We’ve reviewed a number of “improve your brain health” books over time, and this one’s quite different. How?

Most of the books we’ve reviewed have been focused on optimizing diet and exercise for brain health with a nod to other factors… This one focuses more on those other factors.

While this book does reference a fair bit of hard science, much of it is written more like a pop psychology book. As a result, most of the actionable advices, of which there are many, pertain to cognitive and behavioral adjustments.

And no, this is not a book of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It just happened to also address those two aspects.

We learn, for example, how our neurochemistry influences us—but also how we can influence our neurochemistry.

We also learn the oft-neglected (in other books!) social factors that influence brain health. Not just for our happiness, but for our productivity and peak cognitive performance too. Halford talks us through optimizing these such that we and those around us all get to enjoy the best brain benefits available to each of us.

The format of the book is that each chapter explains what you need to know for a given “activation” as the author calls it, and then an exercise to try out. With fifteen such chapters, every reader is bound to find at least something new.

Bottom line: if you want to grease those synapses in more ways than just eating some nuts and berries and getting good sleep and exercise, this book is a great resource.

Click here to check out “Activate Your Brain” and find your next level of cognitive performance!

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