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Rehab Science: How to Overcome Pain and Heal from Injury – by Dr. Tom Walters 

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Many books of this kind deal with the injury but not the pain; some source talk about pain but not the injury; this one does both, and more.

Dr. Walters discusses in detail the nature of pain, various different kinds of pain, the factors that influence pain, and, of course, how to overcome pain.

He also takes us on a tour of various different categories of injury, because some require very different treatment than others, and while there are some catch-all “this is good/bad for healing” advices, sometimes what will help with one injury with hinder healing another. So, this information alone would make the book a worthwhile read already.

After this two-part theory-heavy introduction, the largest part of the book is given over to rehab itself, in a practical fashion.

We learn about how to make an appropriate rehab plan, get the material things we need for it (if indeed we need material things), and specific protocols to follow for various different body parts and injuries.

The style is very much that of a textbook, well-formatted and with plenty of illustrations throughout (color is sometimes relevant, so we recommend a print edition over Kindle for this one).

Bottom line: if you have an injury to heal, or even just believe in being prepared, this book is an excellent guide.

Click here to check out Rehab Science, to overcome pain and heal from injury!

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