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In this review, we explore the 1 minute anti-inflammatory cookbook for beginners. This cookbook is perfect for those new to cooking and seeking delicious recipes that also promote health with their anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook for Beginners: Countless Easy and Delicious Recipes – by Melissa Jefferson

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For some of us, avoiding inflammatory food is a particularly important consideration. For all of us, it should be anyway.

Sometimes, we know what’s good against inflammation, and we know what’s bad for inflammation… but we might struggle to come up with full meals of just-the-good, especially if we want to not repeat meals every day!

The subtitle is slightly misleading! It says “Countless Easy and Delicious Recipes”, but this depends on your counting ability. Melissa Jefferson gives us 150 anti-inflammatory recipes, which can be combined for a 12-week meal plan. We think that’s enough to at least call it “many”, though.

First comes an introduction to inflammation, inflammatory diseases, and a general overview of what to eat / what to avoid. After that, the main part of the book is divided into sections:

  • Breakfasts (20)
  • Soups (15)
  • Beans & Grains (20)
  • Meat (20)
  • Fish (20)
  • Vegetables (20)
  • Sides (15)
  • Snacks (10)
  • Desserts (10)

If you’ve a knowledge of anti-inflammation diet already, you may be wondering how “Meat” and “Desserts” works.

  • The meat section is a matter of going light on the meat and generally favoring white meats, and certainly unprocessed.
  • Of course, if you are vegetarian or vegan, substitutions may be in order anyway.

As for the dessert section? A key factor is that fruits and chocolate are anti-inflammatory foods! Just a matter of not having desserts full of sugar, flour, etc.

The recipes themselves are simple and to-the-point, with ingredients, method, and nutritional values. Just the way we like it.

All in all, a fine addition to absolutely anyone’s kitchen library… And doubly so if you have a particular reason to focus on avoiding/reducing inflammation!

Get your copy of “Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook for Beginners” from Amazon today!

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