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Graphic comparing two supplement bottles labeled "puritan's pride resveratrol" and "life extension optimized resveratrol" with a “vs” in the center, set against a light green

Puritans Pride Resveratrol vs Life Extension Resveratrol – Which is Healthier

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Our Verdict

When comparing Puritan’s Pride Resveratrol to Life Extension Resveratrol, we picked the Life Extension Resveratrol.


It contains not only more resveratrol per serving (250mg compared to Puritan’s Pride’s 100mg), but also contains other goodies too. Specifically, each capsule also contains:

Whereas the Puritan’s Pride softgels? The other top ingredients are soybean oil and gelatin.

Want to check out the products for yourself? Here they are:

Puritan’s Pride Resveratrol | Life Extension Resveratrol

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