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This or that? First Field Original tomato sauce vs Muir Glen Organic ketchup.

Muir Glen Organic vs First Field Original – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing Muir Glen Organic Ketchup to First Field Original Ketchup, we picked the First Field.


This one was a little unfair to you, as you can’t turn them around to read the ingredients here. But the point we want to share the most today is: you have to turn them around and read the ingredients! You absolutely cannot rely on appearances!

While the Muir Glen Organic may have a very “greenwashed” aesthetic going on and the word “organic” is more eye-catching than any other word on the label, it contains 4x as much sugar and 4x as much sodium.

Side-by-side, they have, per tablespoon:

First Field Original: 1g sugar, 60mg sodium
Muir Glen Organic: 4g sugar, 240mg sodium

But what about the importance of being organic?

Well, we have one more surprise for you: the First Field ketchup is organic too, non-GMO, and contains no added concentrates either.

This isn’t an ad for First Field (by all means enjoy their products or don’t; we’re not invested), but it is a heartfelt plea to always check the backs of products and read the labels, because fronts of products can’t be relied upon at all.

I’m sure we all get caught out sometimes, but the less often, the better!

PS: we write this, of course, before seeing the results of your voting. Maybe it won’t be a “Muir Glen Organic” sweep in the polls. But either way, it’s a call to vigilance, and a “very good, carry on” to everyone who does this already 😎

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