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In this concise 1-minute etiquette book review, discover the powerful impact of nonverbal communication and the eye-opening epiphanies it brings.

Nonverbal Epiphany – by Dr. Stephen Furlich

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The subtitle of this book, “Steps To Improve Your Nonverbal Communication” suggests that this is principally an instructional book—it’s not. Rather, it’s mostly informational, and it is left to the reader to interpret what to do with that information.

But, what a lot of information!

And well-sourced, too: this book has scientific paper citations at a rate of one or two per page, with many diagrams and infographics too. It is, in effect, a treasure trove of physiological, psychological, and sociological data when it comes to nonverbal communication and the various factors that influence it.

So, what can you hope to gain from this book? A lot of sorting out of science vs suppositions, mostly.

From digit ratios to crossed arms, from eye-contact to attire, do things really mean what we’ve been told they mean?

And if they don’t, will people perceive them that way anyway, or will textbook rules go out the window in a real conversation? How about in real nonverbal interactions?

(What’s a nonverbal interaction? It’s the behavior exhibited between strangers in the street, it’s the impression given and received by your profile picture, things like that).

Bottom line is that this book is data, data, and more data. If ever you wanted to sort the psychology from the pseudoscience, this is the book for you.

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