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George Marino provides a concise 1-minute book review titled "Beyond Balancing," where he dives into the key concepts and takeaways from the book.

Beyond Balancing The Books – by George Marino, CPA, CFP

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We hear a lot about the importance of mindfulness, yet how can Zen-like non-attachment to the material world go well with actually surviving (let alone thriving) in a Capitalist society?

Books that try to connect the two often end up botching it badly to the level of early 2000s motivational posters.

So, what does this book do differently? Mostly it’s because rather than a motivational speech with exhortations to operate on a higher plain and manifest your destiny and all that, it gives practical, down-to-earth advice and offers small simple things you can do or change to mindfully engage with the world of business rather than operating on auto-pilot.

Basically: how to cut out the stress without cutting out your performance.

All in all, we think both your health and your productivity will thank you for it!

Take Your Business (and Brain) “Beyond Balancing The Books” Today

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