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In this 1-minute book review, we explore the fascinating science and technology behind the groundbreaking concept of Growing Young.

The Science and Technology of Growing Young – by Sergey Young

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There are a lot of very optimistic works out there that promise the scientific breakthroughs that will occur very soon. Even amongst the hyperoptimistic transhumanism community, there is the joke of “where’s my flying car?” Sometimes prefaced with “Hey Ray, quick question…” as a nod to (or sometimes, direct address to) Ray Kurzweil, the Google computer scientist and futurist.

So, how does this one measure up?

Our author, Sergey Young, is not a scientist, but an investor with fingers in many pies. Specifically, pies relating to preventative medicine and longevity. Does that make him an unreliable narrator? Not necessarily, but it means we need to at least bear that context in mind.

But, also, he’s investing in those fields because he believes in them, and wants to benefit from them himself. In essense, he’s putting his money where his mouth is. But, enough about the author. What of the book?

It’s a whirlwind tour of the main areas of reseach and development, in the recent past, the present, and the near future. He talks about problems, and compelling solutions to problems.

If the book has a weak point, it’s that it doesn’t really talk about the problems to those solutions—that is, what can still go wrong. He’s excited about what we can do, and it’s somebody else’s job to worry about pitfalls along the way.

As to the “and what you can do now?” We’ll summarize:

  • Mediterranean diet, mostly plant-based
  • Get moderate exercise daily
  • Get good sleep
  • Don’t drink or smoke
  • Get your personal health genomics data
  • Get regular medical check-ups
  • Look after your mental health too

Bottom line: this is a great primer on the various avenues of current anti-aging research and development, with discussion ranging from the the technological to the sociological. It has some health tips too, but the real meat of the work is the insight into the workings of the longevity industry.

Click here to check out The Science and Technology of Growing Young and learn what’s available to you already!

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