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How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – by Katy Milkman

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Sometimes it seems that we know everything we should be doing… We have systems and goals and principles, we know about the importance of habits, and we do our best to live them. Yet, somehow, life has other plans for us and things don’t quite come together they way they did in our genius masterplan.

So, what happened? And more importantly, what are we supposed to do about this? Katy Milkman has answers, right from the start.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as when we try to implement a change. It’s not that there’s a “wrong time” for a good change, so much that there are times that are much more likely to succeed than others… and those times can be identified and used.

Sometimes we’re falling prey to vices—which she explains how to overcome—such as:

  • Impulsivity
  • Procrastination
  • Forgetfulness
  • Laziness

We also learn some counterintuitive truths about what can boost or sabotage our confidence along the way!

Milkman writes in a compelling, almost narrative style, that makes for very easy reading. The key ideas, built up to by little (ostensibly true) stories and then revealed, become both clear and memorable. Most importantly, applicable.

Bottom line: this is a great troubleshooting guide for when you know how everything should be working, but somehow, it just doesn’t—and you’d like to fix that.

Click here to check out “How To Change” on Amazon, and get those changes rolling!

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