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Book Review: A Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier at Any Age

How Not to Age: The Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier as You Get Older – by Dr. Michael Greger

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This book is the reason today’s newsletter wasn’t out some hours previously; it was published today, and this reviewer (who got her pre-order copy at midnight GMT) needed to finish reading it first! Never let it be said we don’t bring you the very latest health news 😉

First things first: it’s a great book, and it’s this reviewer’s favorite of Dr. Greger’s so far.

Unlike many popular physician authors, Dr. Greger doesn’t rehash a lot of old material, and instead favours prioritizing new material in each work. Where appropriate, he’ll send the reader to other books for more specific information (e.g: you want to know how to avoid premature death? Go read How Not To Die. You want to know how to lose weight? How Not To Diet. Etc).

In the category of new information, he has a lot to offer here. And with over 8,000 references, it’s information, not conjecture. On which note, we recommend the e-book version if that’s possible for you, for three reasons:

  1. It’s possible to just click the references and be taken straight to the cited paper itself online
  2. To try to keep the book’s size down, Dr. Greger has linked to other external resources too
  3. The only negative reviews on Amazon, so far, are people complaining that the print copy’s text is smaller than they’d like

For all its information-density (those 8,000+ references are packed into 600ish pages), the book is very readable even to a lay reader; the author is a very skilled writer.

As for the content, we can’t fit more than a few sentences here so forgive the brevity, but we’ll mention that he covers:

  • Slowing 11 pathways of aging
  • The optimal anti-aging regimen according to current best science
  • Preserving function (specific individual aspects of aging, e.g. hearing, sight, cognitive function, sexual function, hair, bones, etc)
  • “Dr. Greger’s Anti-Aging Eight”

In terms of “flavor” of anti-aging science, his approach can be summed up as: diet and lifestyle as foundation; specific supplements and interventions as cornerstones.

Bottom line: this is now the anti-aging book.

Click here to check out How Not To Age, and look after yourself with the best modern science!

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