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In this "1 Minute Alive" book review, I will discuss the insightful work of Dr. Jenny Goodman in her book "Staying Alive".

Staying Alive – by Dr. Jenny Goodman

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A lot of “healthy long life” books are science-heavy to the point of being quite challenging to read—they become excellent reference sources, but not exactly “curl up in the armchair” books.

Dr. Goodman writes in a much more reader-friendly fashion, casual yet clear.

She kicks off with season-specific advice. What does that mean? Basically, our bodies need different things at different times of year, and we face different challenges to good health. We may ignore such at our peril!

After a chapter for each of the four seasons (assuming a temperate Northern Hemisphere climate), she goes on to cover the seasons of our life. Once again, our bodies need different things at different times in our life, and we again face different challenges to good health!

There’s plenty of “advice for all seasons”, too. Nutritional dos and don’t, and perennial health hazards to avoid.

As a caveat, she does also hold some unscientific views that may be skipped over. These range from “plant-based diets aren’t sustainable” to “this detox will get rid of heavy metals”. However, the value contained in the rest of the book is more than sufficient to persuade us to overlook those personal quirks.

In particular, she offers very good advice on overcoming cravings (and distinguishing them from genuine nutritional cravings), and taking care of our “trillions of tiny companions” (beneficial gut microbiota) without nurturing Candida and other less helpful gut flora and fauna.

In short, a fine lot of information in a very readable format.

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