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Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World – by Kelly Starrett and Glen Cordoza

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We’ve all heard that “sitting is the new smoking”, and whether or not that’s an exaggeration (the jury’s out), one thing that is clear is that sitting is very bad.

Popular advice is “here’s how to sit with good posture and stretch your neck sometimes”… but that advice tends to come from companies that pay people to sit for a long time. They might not be the a very unbiased source.

Starrett and Cordoza offer better. After one opening chapter covering the multifarious ways sitting ruins our health, the rest of the book is all advice, covering:

  • The principles of how the body is supposed to be
  • The most important movements that we should be doing
  • A dynamic workstation setup
    • This is great, because “get a standing desk” tends to present more questions than answers, and can cause as much harm as good if done wrong
    • The authors also cover how to progressively cut down on sitting, rather than try to go cold-turkey.
    • They also recognize that not everyone can stand at all, and…
  • Optimizing the sitting position, for when we must sit
  • Exercises to maintain our general mobility and compensate about as well as we can for the body-unfriendly nature of modern life.

The book is mostly explanations, so at 682 pages, you can imagine it’s not just “get up, lazybones!”. Rather, things are explained in such detail (and with many high-quality medical diagrams) so that we can truly understand them.

Most of us have gone through life knowing we should have “better posture” and “move more”… but without the details, that can be hard to execute correctly, and worse, we can even sabotage our bodies unknowingly with incorrect form.

This book straightens all that out very comprehensively, and we highly recommend it.

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