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A jar of maple syrup and a jar of healthier honey.

Honey vs Maple Syrup – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing honey to maple syrup, we picked the honey.


It was very close, as both have small advantages:
•⁠ ⁠Honey has some medicinal properties (and depending on type, may contain an antihistamine)
•⁠ ⁠Maple syrup is a good source of manganese, as well as low-but-present amounts of other minerals

However, you wouldn’t want to eat enough maple syrup to rely on it as a source of those minerals, and honey has the lower GI (average 46 vs 54; for comparison, refined sugar is 65), which works well as a tie-breaker.

(If GI’s very important to you, though, the easy winner here would be agave syrup if we let it compete, with its GI of 15)

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